Incoterms® 2020

The Incoterms®2020 rules are an international standard and are used worldwide for international and local contracts voor de sales of goods.

Clear agreements about each detail of the chain are an essential part of the process to anticipate all possible risks and costs.  And yet, the choice of the “correct” Incoterm is not easy.

ProMedia BE is also a licensed ICC publisher of the useful two-sided poster highlighting the main INCOTERMS® 2020 commonly used in the lifecycle of a shipment from origin to destination.

Published in English, Dutch and French, it defines a series of pre-defined commercial terms that clearly identify the tasks, risks and costs associated with the transportation and delivery of goods.

The posters (628x297mm, folded in six) can also be personalized with your logo and can also be used as a business gift.

Personalized posters are also available in German.

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